My testimony + Invitation to the Heavenly Feast’s Convention @ Bahrain – Thangu Bro’s ministering – Miracles! Wonders of God! See Jesus display His presence!Amen! do come!!

Dear All‬

My mother was a diabetic patient and was admitted with a sugar reading of 900+. I had just accepted Jesus as my personal savior and Lord and knew that Healer was one of His qualities. The ambulance raced to Salmaniya Hospital because my mom was slipping into a very dangerous condition known as diabetic coma. Everyone I knew kept telling me of what a good person my mom was and how the Lord was bringing me closer by putting my mom through this condition.‬

I knew my Jesus would never ever think or do things like that because He was not only God, but also my Father.‬

The Bible says, “And I(Jesus) will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.” – John 14:13‬


I believed this was true. There were many testimonies I had heard at my church, The Heavenly Feast, and so knew Jesus wouldn’t fail me. My mom’s kidneys, liver, fluid levels were all messed up completely and the doctor told us she wouldn’t live but die. But, some of us who believed Jesus would heal my mom, kept our hands on her and commanded the sugar to die down, spoke to the body parts to function well and pronounced her healing in Jesus name. Everyone around us – our relatives, cousins, friends wondered what this whole new technology was about! But as promised in the Bible, Jesus kept His word. My mom was miraculously healed of the sugar complaint. Her body started gaining strength and colour. Her consciousness was regained and her body parts started functioning better than before. She amazed the doctors, nurses, relatives and anyone who disbelieved in the healing power of Jesus.‬

Today, she’s fine and well and carrying the testimony of her healing to every home and everyone she meets!‬

This healing and this Jesus is yours too! Only Believe! If it can happen for my mom, it can happen for you too!!‬


Remember, Jesus intended that you live well. That means, good health and wealth, happiness, great family life, wonderful job, – In short, He wants to make you a testimony. Seeing you come out of your issues and live successfully because of Jesus, will encourage your friends and relatives to know your savior – Jesus!‬

If you want to experience this Jesus, do come for the following convention –‬



Venue:  Alun Morris Hall, St. Christopher’s Cathedral‬

Date:   Monday, 12th September 2011‬

‪Time:   6:45 pm to 9:30 pm‬

Led by: Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla (Thangu Brother)‬

‪For directions: please call

Forward this to your friends and family members who don’t know Jesus!‬



Anish Koshy
(+973) – 36650638

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